Buy-Once Homeopathy

Buy your homeopathic remedy only once
and then make as much as you want.

Free refills for life!
Make enough for yourself and others!
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Learn a secret that Big Alt Med doesn't want you to know! Thanks to the pre-chemistry principles of homeopathy established in the 1800's, you can easily refill or replicate any remedy yourself. Homeopathic remedies are prepared by mixing an ingredient with distilled water or other solvent, shaking the container, pouring out 90% of the contents, and then repeating the process several times. So if you don't use all of your remedy, you can refill it and make it even better than new! And to any naysayers, I challenge you to tell the difference in a double-blind test.

How to Refill
  1. Buy a homeopathic remedy if you don't already have a container of it.
  2. Use all except for a tenth of the remedy.
  3. Refill with distilled water.1
  4. Shake the container violently ten times up and down, ten times back and forth, and ten times side to side.2
  5. Your replenished homeopathic remedy is now ready for use or replication, and it is more potent than before.
  6. Repeat the refill or replication steps as often as you want.

How to Replicate
  1. Buy a homeopathic remedy if you don't already have a container of it.
  2. Pour the remedy evenly into nine empty containers so that all of them have the same volume as the original container. You should now have ten containers with equal amounts.3
  3. Pour distilled water1 into all of the containers, adding to each nine times of what was left in the container in step 2. If using the same sized containers as the original remedy, simply fill to the original full level.
  4. Shake each container violently ten times up and down, ten times back and forth, and ten times side to side.2
  5. Your replicated homeopathic remedies are now ready for use or further replication, and they are more potent than before.
  6. Repeat the replication or refill steps as often as you want.


Torsten Pihl "Incredible. Literally."
--Torsten Pihl

"With Buy-Once Homeopathy, I am able to directly regulate the purity and quality of my homeopathic preparations thus ensuring their safety. Now I can increase my dose at no extra costs and not be fearful of harmful side effect brought on by additives or chemicals that the big homeopathy producers may use to cut costs. Plus with the money I save, it won't take long to buy my dream home! Thanks Buy-Once Homeopathy, you may have saved my life, you certainly saved my wallet!"
--Chris Gallaga

"Extreme Couponers, listen up! Following the steps prescribed by the Buy-Once Homeopathy™ method, I was able to asymptotically increase the potency of the active ingredient with every dilution. It's like a 90% off coupon that keeps growing and never expires!"
--Steve Roberts

"I was worried as the potency increased 10x with each Replenishing that I might overdose. But I found that as my hypochondriacal diseases became resistant to the standard homeopathic doses over time, the increase was exactly what I needed to keep them suppressed. You are a genius. And need I mention, just in time for Holiday Gift Giving!
--John Ellis

"So simple yet just as effective as store-bought homeopathic products. My friends will appreciate hearing about this."
--Hamal Osun


Is there a risk of overdose?
No. According to modern interpretations of homeopathy, the remedy applies itself only where needed and any leftover has no effect.

What if my homeopathic remedy is in the form of pills, not liquid?
Each pill is equivalent to one droplet of liquid remedy. Sugar pills will dissolve in distilled water. Your refilled and replicated remedies will then be in liquid form from now on.

This all just doesn't make any sense.
Yup, that's homeopathy.


1If the bottle contains liquid, use the same solvent(s) as listed in the ingredients. Usually it's water but sometimes alcohol or oil is used.

2Some homeopaths insist that the container must instead be hit by a firm yet elastic object like a leather-bound book. A dildo should be just as effective...seriously.

3If handling pills, not liquid, it might be easier to first pulverize them with a mortar and pestle.